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XP-7A-6 EBAY BL 1-2 Cell ESC: Compatible to Outrunner Motors for Upgrading E-Flite Blade MCP X/mCP X2 to Brushless

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Price: $26.95
Sale Price: $24.26
Out of stock
Part Number: WWO-ESC-XP-7A-6
Manufacturer: WOW
Manufacturer Part No: WWO-ESC-XP-7A-6
on sale
Package includes a complete MCP X brushless conversion diagram for TheSteve converter, ESC, MCP X receiver hook up.
Warning, not all XP-7A has the same firmware and hardware to work with the receivers. This version has been custom reprogrammed for optimum starting power and performance on the upgraded brushless E-Flite Blade MCP X micro heli. There is no need to purchase an ESC programmer. Benefits of this custom version are
1. It allows smooth motor startup- Eliminates the 180-360 degree tail spin when brushless motor initializes. This symptom occurs on all MCP X brushless conversions if this default bit in the ESC is not reprogrammed. This version of the ESC comes with it already programmed so your MCP X holds its heading during startup.
2. Optimum starting power- prevents cogging during startup which is a very common problem with 1 cell outrunners. This symptom occurs on more than 50% of the 1 cell outrunners conversions if the default bit in the ESC is not reprogrammed. This version of the ESC comes with it already programmed so you don't have to use your fingers to help crank start the motor.
See video of the brushless conversion from Wow Hobbies using the following components.
E-Flite MCP X brushless main motor conversion parts are as follow:
4. Eight teeth or nine teeth pinion. You can use the stock pinion but you must turn the HP05 main shaft down from 1.5mm to 1.0mm diameter to fit the stock pinion. Main shaft can be grinded down while the motor is turning by using a Drammel drill with diamond wheel goto If the pinion fits too loose, use Anaerobics metal glue which dries in 3 seconds after the 2 metal pieces are combined with the glue, goto
Optional MCP X tail conversion parts to improve tail authority after the main brushless conversions are as follow:
or you can build your own tail assembly system as follows1. Upgraded more powerful brush tail motor goto
3. Upgraded extended tail boom to prevent blades strike after the tail conversion goto
Requires to enlarge the hole to fit the tail motor shaft.
Wow Hobbies has tested the above configurations with success ( We have completed 5 brushless MCP X with great result) but we make no gurantee on the performance of your MCP X conversion. Brushless conversions can be quite complex or it can go very smoothly if you do your homework and double check your work carefully. We will not be responible for any damages as the result of the conversion and the parts are not returnable. We can only recommend the parts to use but we are not obligated to guide you through the conversion process. If you are unfamiliar with brushless conversions, please Google it and join a forum to learn how.
This is a hybrid version of the commonly known as the Ebay XP-7A ESC. It works with 1-2s applications and it's used mostly on the brushless main motor conversion but the speed is not designed for a brushless tail motor.
Specifications Programmable Working current: 7A. Supported # of lipo cells: 1-2 BEC: 1A
This edition is also compatible to other helicopter receivers 1-2 cell
Optional programmer available but not a necessity with this version:
Weight: 1.4g without wires and connectors on PCB


  • Input voltage: 3V-9V (support 1-2 cell lithium batteries)
  • Continue current: 7A
  • Burst current: 9A (within 10 seconds)
  • Max RPM speed : 240,000 (2 poles), 80,000 (6 poles), 40,000 (12 poles)
  • BEC output: 1A /5V
  • Size (length x width x height): 22x12x5mm
  • Weight: 5g with wires and 1.4g without wires