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Walkera V200D02 Flybarless Helicopter RTF: 3-Axis Gyro, Battery included, CNC Metal Head, Extra Blades with WK2801-pro radio

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Price: $259.95
Out of stock
Part Number: PW-V200D02++ WK2801-pro
Go with a programmable WK2801-Pro radio that you can grow with. With the WK2801-Pro you can bind with any of the more than 80 Walkera models with over 200 variations of sub-models. Walkera has the world's largest selection of helicopters and the WK2801-pro is the future of modeling.
Walkera V200D02 Flybarless Helicopter RTF: 3-Axis Gyro, CNC Metal Head, Extra Blades with WK2801-Pro radio
Here are the reasons why Wow Hobbies is the best value for your helicopter(s) purchase.
1. All helicopters are tested at our warehouse in Shenzhen, China before air shipment to California USA. The factory QA transparent label outside the box is opened at this checkpoint.
2. All helicopters are re-tested at our warehouse in California. An actual hover test is performed, gyro is checked during flight and a visual inspection of the helicopter is conducted. A green QA label is affixed at this checkpoint. Also a battery installation instruction that has been ignored by Walkera has been affixed to ensure a trouble-free setup.
3. A no DOA (Dead on arrival) guarantee by Wow Hobbies which protects you from shipping damages.
Entry Model Flybarless Helicopter - Walkera V200D02 New Generation Helicopter
We all know that the fixed-pitch helicopter is better for beginners because of easier setup and less complicated parts than the collective-pitch helis. Now the V200D02 has gone one step further. It has no flybar, and has added a three-axis gyro to help you stabilize the chopper. It's just like adding a co-pilot next to you! Different from its sister model, V200D02 uses normal brushed motors and a tail-motor-driven tail rotor to lower the manufacturing costs. This makes the V200D02 very easy to repair after a crash, which is good news for beginners! For this groundbreaking Flybarless technology, you may ask, "Why is the Flybarless so good?" Please allow me to explain.

What is a Flybar?
The flybar is a short, thin metal rod placed on top of the helicopter. It is part of the rotor head’s structure, usually attached with a paddle on both ends. The flybar is a stabilizer. The heavier the paddle and longer the flybar, the more stable the heli. However, you can compensate by using the high-tech 3-Axis Gyro. The onboard RX2440V Super Controller makes the V200D02 fly so well that it performs just like an ordinary rotor head helicopter.

Why Make it “Flybarless?”
Flybarless means less moving parts. That saves energy and allows you to fly 20 to 30 percent longer. Also, less parts mean less repairing. Flybarless is the future of RC helicopters!

The Difference Between V200D01 and V200D02
V200D01 and V200D02 are sister models. V200D01 has a high-power brushless motor and a shaft-driven tail rotor, plus a rudder servo to adjust tail blade pitch. This is how most RC helicopters work. Performance is good, but they are a bit harder to set up and repair after a crash. V200D02 is the lower-priced entry model. It uses a normal brushed motor and a motor-driven tail rotor. This combination lowers the price dramatically, but also lowers performance by 90 percent! Let’s put it this way: The V200D01 is the deluxe version, and the V200D02 is the basic version.
Overall Length - 432mm
Main Rotor Diameter - 420mm
All-up Weight - 268g
WK2801-Pro programmable transmitter features
Compatible to all the latest 3 axis Walkera & Heli-Max Novus receivers such as RX2433, RX2435, RX2437S, RX2610S, RX2610V, RX2801PRO, RX2720V & Heli-Max Novus equivalents. It may be packaged as OEM, not in its original box. Includes English manual but no transmitter battery and no neck strap.
Neck strap is not included but it is available separately at
1). Encoder: 8 channel micro computer system
2). Frequency: 2.4G spread spectrum
3). Output Power: 100Mw
4). Current Drain: ≤120mA
5). Power: 1.2VX8 NiCard (9.6V600mAh) or1.5VX8 AA dry batteries
6). Compatible to all the latest 3 axis Walkera receivers such as RX2433, RX2435, RX2437S, RX2610S.... ETC.


1). The WK-2801PRO adopts 2.4Gig spectrum technology and features automatic code pairing and ID assignment.
2). LCD display of the WK-2801PRO is simple to understand and easy to set.
3). The transmitter case is ergonomically designed and the large LCD display has white backlight with easy-to-read graphics.
4). The length or tension of the controls stick can be adjusted and it is convenient to change the throttle from left to right.
5). The WK-2801PRO supports both helicopters and airplanes. It offers three helicopter flight modes and each flight mode is capable of free setting and adjusting parameter in order to suit the various requirements of F3C or 3D aerobatic flights.
6). Capable of wireless data copy and transfer between two transmitters.
7). Four Adjustable hot keys facilitate easy entry into the set menu.
8). Eight model memory storage.
9). Gyro rate adjustment by transmitter, and convenient programmed hover and 3D flights.