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Walkera Helicopters
     As a cutting edge Walkera helicopters specialist with extensive resources and experience on 4G6, 4G3, CB100, 4#3B, Lama 2-1, CB180D, 60#B, 5#10, 4#3Q and other related helicopters, Wow Hobbies is uniquely qualified to provide an exceptional selection of Walkera original parts, third part upgrades, informative setup tips, detailed repair instructions, product reviews and customized hot rod packages. 
     Catering to both novice and professional Walkera micro-helicopter enthusiasts, offers a huge spectrum of co-axials, fixed pitched, collective pitched, scaled, micro-sized, mini-sized and all the way up to 400-sized helicopters.  Enjoy your visit!
Here is a Walkera Buying Guide to help you make the right choice:
Walkera 1#A
The Walkera 1#A is the most suitable choice to ease a progressing pilot into the realm of collective pitch operation. 1#A's well balanced light weight design promotes responsive performance and its durable belt-driven tail will sustain most minor mishaps.
Walkera 4#3B Helicopters
Walkera 4#3B Brushless & Walkera 4#3B Double Brushless helicopter has multiple Walkera upgrades vs the Heli-max Novus FP (rebranded from a Walkera 4#3B brush helicopter). Wow also offers a Turbo Walkera 4#3B Double Brushless in an ultimate 4#3B package.
Walkera 4#6S/4#6 BELL
The 4#6S/4#6, a smart & efficient reconfiguration of the more complex 4G6, features a fixed pitch main rotor that reduces weight & head speed while stabilizing the shaft driven tail. Options: 3-Axis Gyro, Bell Structure & Hot Rod Brushless Motor.
Walkera 4F180
The perfectly scaled 4-bladed fix pitch flybarless helicopter with the appeal and quality of larger collective pitch helicopters. Carbon fiber blades, outrunner brushless motor and 3-bladed shaft drive tail offer excellent stablity with a solid tail hold.
Walkera 4F200
Walkera 4F200, the new outdoor 3-bladed flybarless cp helicopter with a 3-axis gyro, is simply fantastic. Combining state of the art electronics, premium brushless motor and cutting edge belt driven CP tail, the 4F200 is the ultimate outdoor helicopter.
Walkera 4F200LM
Authentic and incredibly detailed, the 4F200LM's 3-bladed with 3-axis gyro technology has revolutionized flybarless scaled helicopter design. Based on the proven 4F200 platform, the 4F200LM is truly an extreme 3D performer with super model looks.
Walkera 4G3 Helicopters
Our specialty, the Walkera 4G3 Turbo Double Brushless Metal Helicopter, comes with a variety of upgraded parts, turbo brushless motors and transmitters which are not available on the Heli-max Novus CP, a rebranded plastic brush Walkera 4G3.
Walkera 4G6S/4G6 Helicopter
Shipping Now! Walkera 4G6S with new 3-axis gyro, improved durable landing skid, thicker blade holders, tail stand & fin. Exclusive Wow 4G6S/4G6 Hot Rod Options: Brushless Turbo Ace 81220 & 2-Cell 80814 Outrunners or the 31714 Power House Inrunne
Walkera 5#10 Helicopters
Walkera 5#10 Double Axial Helicopter: As the larget Walkera Outlet in the USA, Wow specializes 5#10 helicopters and brushless upgrades.
Walkera 53QD
A streamlined scaled helicopter for novice helicopter pilots, the Walkera 53QD utilizes counter rotating main blades for unparallel stability. Premium features includes CNC metal head assembly and a beautifully crafted scaled fuselage with LED lights.
Walkera 59DQ
A spectacular replica of full scaled helicopter, the 59DQ is also capable of highly potent collective pitch 3D performerce. Make sure you have had proper training and the confidence to fly this baby, because you would not want to take any chances.
Walkera 60#B
Walkera 60#B Helicopter: This is a super value on a premium quality 400 sized Walkera Helicopter. Just one size smaller than the Align Trex 450, the Walkera 60#B components are optimized for maximum performance and durability.
Walkera CB100 Helicopters
The Walkera CB100, one of the most advanced indoor helicopter, is just about as stable as a co-axial but with exceptional agility. Features include 4#3B architecture but upgraded with a self stabilizing bar and powerful double brushless motors.
Walkera CB180Z-PRO
3 of the most pilot friendly helis, the Walkera CB180Z, CB180D & CB180Q utilize the new 45 degree counter weight technology for flight stability (also used on the CB100). These are the perfect helis for pilots transitioning from co-axial to single rotor
Walkera CB180D/CB180Q
The Walkera CB180D & CB180Q has been replaced by the new and more advanced CB180Z-PRO with 3-axis gyro (improved stability), brushless motor (extra power), variable pitch tail (fast & solid tail hold) and extended servo travel (ultra wind resistance).
Walkera FPV 400
Walkera FPV400 FPV HD camera 4CH metal upgrade helicopter with DEVO F4 transmitter RTF - 2.4GHz, high-simulation, and nice design, very easy to use, suitable for beginners.
Walkera Genius CP/V2
The Walkera Genius aka Devention Genius is Walkera's answer to the E-flite MCPX which as recently taken over the RC helicopter market by storm.At a mere 35g, the Walkera Genius is by far the lightest and most nimble micro helicopter in its class
Walkera QR Ladybird Quad
You will love this cute & amazing palm sized Walkera Ladybird, the world's smallest quadcopter. Take the Ladybird for a spin in the office or use it to improve you piloting skills - even a small room will allow the Lady to maneuver around with ease.
Walkera Lama 2-1 Helicopters
Walkera Lama 2-1 is fully upgraded with metal parts and a new RX with high performance lever servos compared to the Heli-Max Novus CX (rebranded from the older Walkera Lama 2) with plastic parts and screw servos.
Walkera LM100D02
With a brand new receiver & blades, the LM100D02 is an updated version of the very successful Lama2-1. This more rugged co-axial offers quick and responsive controls while retaining the inherent stability of a premium quality co-axial.
Walkera LM130D01
If you are looking for new 3-axis gyro technology on a co-axial, the LM130D01 is like an advanced E-flite CX2, CX3 or a Walkera 5#10. Flybarless design reduces surface area for more resilience in outdoor conditions than conventional flybar with paddles.
Walkera Lama 3
The world's first collective pitch co-axial heli, the Walkera Lama3 is more resilient against breezes than standard co-axials. And only the Walkera Lama3 W3 from Wow incorporates the critical fixes & upgrades for fully operational & reliable CP functions.
Walkera Lama 400D
Lama 400D is Walkera's most reliable full sized co-axials helicopters with super stability and reliability. In addition to red or yellow versions you can also check out the all new Walkera Lama 400 EC135 with a coast guard theme.
Walkera M120D01
The M120D01 represents the leading edge in micro helicopter with advance electronics and uncompromizing materials including 3-axis gyro, flybarless CP, carbon fiber main frame & boom, CNC metal head and outrunner brushless motor and a shaft drive CP tail.
Walkera Master CP
Walkera NEW 6-Axis gyro control system
Walkera Mini CP
WALKERA Mini CP 6CH Flybarless 6-Axis-Gyro Telemetry Helicopter
Both UFLYS & UFLY features the effeciency of fixed pitch asymetrical blades driven by brushless motor plus the super responsiveness of a shaft driven pitched tail. UFLYS has additionally the 3-axis gyro, digital servos and 20A ESC. Get ready for some R&R.
Walkera V100D01
The integration of the new 3-axis gyro technology enabled the Walkera V100D01 to achieve flybarless status. With honey bee quickness, intermediate and advanced pilots can now push their nimble flying skills without the constraints of outdoor conditions.
Walkera V100D08
New to the Walkera micro line-up, the Walkera V100D08 has just been approved by Wow Hobbies.
Walkera V120D01
Walkera V120D01 Flybarless Helicopter is designed for more stable flight in light wind conditions. Advanced features include 3-Axis Gyro and shaft driven collective pitch tail. This is the only outdoor beginner friendly micro helicopter in the market.
Walkera V120D02
Walkera V200D01
The agile V200D01 flybarless helicopter combines the architectural features of its smaller cousin, the V120D01, with the convenient outdoor size of the popular CB180Z. Advance technology includes 3-axis gyro, brushless motor and shaft driven CP tail.
Walkera V200D03
Walkera's advanced version for the T-Rex 250 CP utilizing the new Devention format, the Walkera V200D03 is for intermediate to advanced pilots.
Walkera V450D01
Your choice of 3 Walkera V450D01 Versions: (1) the V450D01 standard stock with 50% Metal Gear Servos, (2) the V450D01-MGS with Upgraded Metal Gear Servos, (3) the V450D01-MGS-PRO with Upgraded Metal Gear Servos & Upgraded Turbo Ace 804 Outrunner BL Motor.
Walkera V500D01
For extreme aerial acrobatics, the Walkera V500D01 V3 is the final dream destination for 3D pilots. This newest Wow Version with upgraded firmware and hardware combines consecutively sequenced top notch 3D performance with super-torqued sports flight.
Walkera MX400 Quad
MX400 has been discontinued & replaced by QR X400. Both are comparable to Phantom quadcopter in size & limited payload. The Walkera MX400 was designed with brushless motors to support a 19" wing span. A custom MX400 camera is hard mounted under the belly.