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Walkera Helicopters
     As a cutting edge Walkera helicopters specialist with extensive resources and experience on 4G6, 4G3, CB100, 4#3B, Lama 2-1, CB180D, 60#B, 5#10, 4#3Q and other related helicopters, Wow Hobbies is uniquely qualified to provide an exceptional selection of Walkera original parts, third part upgrades, informative setup tips, detailed repair instructions, product reviews and customized hot rod packages. 
     Catering to both novice and professional Walkera micro-helicopter enthusiasts, offers a huge spectrum of co-axials, fixed pitched, collective pitched, scaled, micro-sized, mini-sized and all the way up to 400-sized helicopters.  Enjoy your visit!
Here is a Walkera Buying Guide to help you make the right choice:
Walkera FPV 400
Walkera FPV400 FPV HD camera 4CH metal upgrade helicopter with DEVO F4 transmitter RTF - 2.4GHz, high-simulation, and nice design, very easy to use, suitable for beginners.
Walkera V200D03
Walkera's advanced version for the T-Rex 250 CP utilizing the new Devention format, the Walkera V200D03 is for intermediate to advanced pilots.
Walkera V200D01
The agile V200D01 flybarless helicopter combines the architectural features of its smaller cousin, the V120D01, with the convenient outdoor size of the popular CB180Z. Advance technology includes 3-axis gyro, brushless motor and shaft driven CP tail.
Walkera QR Ladybird Quad
You will love this cute & amazing palm sized Walkera Ladybird, the world's smallest quadcopter. Take the Ladybird for a spin in the office or use it to improve you piloting skills - even a small room will allow the Lady to maneuver around with ease.
Walkera Genius CP/V2
The Walkera Genius aka Devention Genius is Walkera's answer to the E-flite MCPX which as recently taken over the RC helicopter market by storm.At a mere 35g, the Walkera Genius is by far the lightest and most nimble micro helicopter in its class
Walkera 4G6S/4G6 Helicopter
Shipping Now! Walkera 4G6S with new 3-axis gyro, improved durable landing skid, thicker blade holders, tail stand & fin. Exclusive Wow 4G6S/4G6 Hot Rod Options: Brushless Turbo Ace 81220 & 2-Cell 80814 Outrunners or the 31714 Power House Inrunne
Walkera Master CP
Walkera NEW 6-Axis gyro control system