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MG Power Transmitter Battery 2200mAh 3S Lipo: JST, For Walkera WK2401/2/3, WK2601/2/3, WK2801/Pro, Devo7,& 10

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Price: $24.00
Out of stock
Part Number: MGP-2200M-3S-15C-J %15C-J% (Tx Battery)
Manufacturer: MG Power
Manufacturer Part No: MGP-2200M-3S-15C-J
B3 Charger: CX-B3
B601 Fast Charger: CX-B601 + Charger + All-in-One

Need to charge 4 battery at a time: SK100046+SK200013+4xSK600020+4xAll-in-One

For Walkera WK2401/02/03,WK2601/02 /03,WK2801 /pro. Devo 7 & Horizon Spektrum DX7 & most JR transmitters.
The quality and the pricing of the Lipo batteries differ substantially between manufacturers, do not be drawn to just cheap prices, as you usually get what you paid for. This battery has been approved by Wow Hobbies after stringent test on discharge current and charge cycles. It has a long history success with many happy Wow customers. In addition, it is shipped to you from California, USA so it will arrive safely in your home in 2 to 3 days by Priority mail.
1. One consolidated unit loads into the transmitter battery compartment with appx 30% space remain inside the transmitter battery compartment which allows the battery door to close easily.
2. This battery pack retains the charge after months of storage. Unlike any other rechargeble, power is always available whenever you need it.
3. Longer run time than larger capacity AA rechargeable or NiMH which only supplies 10.4 volt. Have you ever wonder why even with a hugh capacity rechargeable you still get the annoying low voltage warning beeps only after a few flights? Unlike the rechargeable, this Lipo 3-cell battery supplies the full desirable 12 volt needed for the proper operation of the transmitter that results in extra long run time.
4. It's an easy plug-n-play that includes both the Walkera and Spektrum transmitter plugs.
5. Uses your Walkera 2-3 cell CB180, Lama400, 60#B, 400 size heli, Trex450/500/600 or other compatible charger that charges 3-cell lipo.
6. Help to protect the environment, no more hazardous AA alkaline disposals.
Requires 2-to-3 cell charger which can also be used for other 2 to 3 cell lipo charging application such as the Trex 3-cell battery. If you own a 2-cell heli such as the CB180D or CB180Z that comes with a 2-3 cell balanced charger, you may use it to charge this battery. If you don't already have a 2-3 cell charger, you will need to purchase this charger separately, click on
Warning: Battery is not returnable. Please do not forget to turn off your transmitter when not in use or run your transmitter for an extended time when the low battery alert is on. Lipo battery cell voltage can not be dropped below 3.5v per cell (appox. total 10.5v for this 3-cell battery) or damage can occur to the battery. You will find that by learning how to care for the Lipo batteries, they will provide years of satisfaction over any of the other types of lower voltage batteries such as NiMH or AA rechargeable.
Discharge Rate: 15C
Dimensions: 29mm X 20mm X 96mm (1.125 in X .79 in X 3.75 in)
Battery Connectors: Walkera & Spektrum discharge connectors & balancing Plug
Weight: 107g