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1.0 Returns, Exchanges & Cancellations

1.1 Before requesting for exchange or returns, please make sure the merchandise SATISFIES ALL OF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS without exceptions: 
    • All merchandise must be undamaged and unopened in its original packaging and condition. No returns or exchanges will be allowed if the original manufacture seal has been broken.
    • All merchandise containing any electrical or electronic parts or functions can not be returned or exchanged.
    • All merchandise that's customized for the customer can not be returned or exchanged.
    • All merchandise that's received by the customer for more than one week can not be returned or exchanged.
1.2 For all qualified exchanges, customer must pay shipping both ways. 

1.3 For all qualified returns/cancellations, there is a 20% restocking/processing charge. Shipping costs are not refundable. Only store credit will be issued for returns.

1.4 Wow Hobbies works on an honor system in order to expedite service. For USA located customers, lower valued replacement parts (not helicopters) for "Dead-on-Arrivals" are shipped in advance. A postage prepaid envelope will be included with your advance replacement so you can send the defective parts back. For international customers, we do not advance parts that cost over $10 retail. Customer has the right to dispute an order but please keep in mind that we closely track the history of each account and excessive claims will adversely affect your account status. Processing time may vary depending on the nature of your request, so you will need to give us enough time to resolve more complex issues. In some cases we may request applicable photos of subject products prior to any serivce.

1.5 Before shipping any qualified returns, please make sure that you first obtain a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) by emailing us at and providing us with the following information:
  • Your invoice number
  • The date of your initial email claim
  • Your name, address, phone and email
  • The quantity and merchandise to be returned
  • The reason for your return
Upon receiving your emailed RMA#, put the returning merchandise in a shipping box and write the RMA# on the outside of the box. Ship the returning merchandise, freight prepaid, to the address provided by our email. Please follow our return policy carefully, as failure to do so will result in the refusal of your package.

2.0 Time of Purchase Guaranty / Warranty

2.1 Wow Hobbies warranties that the products purchased (hereinafter Product) will be free from defect in material and workmanship at the date of purchase by the Customer. Please do not launch the helicopter for its maiden flight out of the box without the held-down or tied-down bench test- especially after it has been through shipping vibrations. For a micro or small helicopter of 8" or smaller, you must first hold the helicopter's landing skid (be careful not to touch the main gear) and test the helicopter functions in your hand. For a medium to large size helicopter larger than 8", you must tie down your helicopter to a heavy fixture and test fly it with a few battery cycles. Once a helicopter has been crashed, the Time of Purchase guaranty will be void, because we will not be able to distinguish whether the malfunction is due to operator error or manufacturer defect. 

2.2 It is the Customer's responsibility to make sure all screws are secured with Loctite. RC manufacturers do not consistently use Loctite on all screws. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure the safety of the aircraft around people, so please double check for any loose or damaged parts before flight. 

2.3 Due to the nature of this hobby, claims must be made within 24 hours of receipt by the Customer (initial email claim) in writing via the "Contact Us" section on our website. Phone calls or verbal notices do not constitute as a report.  

2.4 If a product manufacturer provides warranty, then the Customer must directly contact the manufacturer's service center for warranty service. Under no circumstance is Wow Hobbies obligated to exchange the products (even if it's just purchased) or to handle the warranty directly or indirectly for the manufacturers. 

2.5 Wow Hobbies implements and recordes test flights on certain customized quadcopters. For will calls, Wow Hobbies will provide an additional test flights when the Customer comes to pick up the qudcopter at the showroom. Since there is no shipping involved, the Time of Purchase Guaranty CANNOT be claimed. Customer is responsible for continued maintenance. Our sales staff may be able to recommend possible parts that you may need for upgrades or repairs.

2.6 For repairs services, please call our Technical Service Department for a quotation.

2.7 Before shipping any qualified returns for Wow's Time of Purchase Guaranty, please go through our RMA process (please refer to Section 1.5).

3.0 Shipping Damages and International Shipments

3.1 If you are worried about shipping damages, we recommend that you purchase insurance during checkout.
3.2 If shipping damage occurs, report the damage to the driver immediately and notify us via email ( Keep all original packaging material and provide us with photos if possible.
3.3 For international shipments, Wow Hobbies is not responsible for possible delays or imposed duties.