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Repairing and setting up a helicopter is a long learning process. Wow Hobbies has more than 30,000 customers and obviously we are unable to teach everyone this hobby over an extended period of time. If it is a new purchase we will help to get your unit running but after that please go to the forum to learn this hobby. For the exploded diagram of your heli, please go to Due to the volume of services needed, we are setup online to help the best we can. However, email response time may not be quick enough to immediately resolve your issue(s). Please go to or the following thread for quick 24/7 discussion and help. If you have purchased this helicopter and it is not a dead on arrival, we recommend that you learn the repair side of this hobby by joining and searching for the correct model in the micro helicopter section. Some of the most common helicopter problems include stripped tail drive gears or main gears after the main blades have scraped the ground, low battery, bad battery and off-balanced blades which need to be balanced even when they are new. It is important to know when you first receive your helicopter that you must tie it down to a heavy fixture and test fly it with a few batteries. If you just immediately launch it without bench testing and end up crashing it or scrap the blades on the ground, we will not be able to identify if it is the manufacturer's fault or pilot error. Carelessness to bench test the heli before its maiden flight, especially after shipping, will void all your defective claims. Helicopter warranty is only good on the day you receive it. RC manufacturers such as Horizon, Great Plane, CopertX and Walkera all have the same one day warranty due to the nature of this hobby. RC helicopters are precision machines and they are much more likely to get damaged in a crash or blade tip, so please do not treat them as toy helicopters. The following links will help you tremendously to learn the repair side of this hobby.
All other micro heli find it at other micro heli find it at