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Camera mount stablization controller and 3 axis gyro and camera mount- Including tunning and installation for X88-J(not for X88-JS or X88JSD)

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Price: $2,895.95
Out of stock
Part Number: TA-X830-11+GZ9 SHOCK+ALW-ALPRO360+RX801+ESC+INSTAL
Manufacturer: Alware
New upgraded 360 degree continuous panning with a second receiver and shock mount. Factory mount does not have shock mount and only operates at 85 degrees pan, it does not operate in continuous 360 degree.

This package includes installation and tuning of the Xaircraft auto compensation unit and the Alware DSLR camera mount with Turbo Ace quadruple shock mount to the Turbo Ace X88-J2. You can ship your Turbo Ace X88 to Wow Hobbies and we will do the custom installation for you or we can ship you the mount and guide you through the installation by phone.

For an octocopter with panning built-in which includes a second receiver and transmitter goto
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Introduction to the Alware camera mount:

The Pro V2 Camera Mount is steered by 3 channels to pan, tilt and roll the camera. With this Pro V2 Camera Mount Kit installed, the CG of the Aircraft will become lower. This highly increase the stability for better aerial filming/ FPV activities.

Differ from other Camera Mounts, Alware 3-Axis Pro V2 Camera Mount operates with all fiber glass precise gears and high tolerance metal shafts. This greatly increase it's performance for professional aerial filming. Furthermore, a brand new and functional elastic Landing Gear System is included with this Pro Camera Mount. Each leg of the Landing Gear operate with double tension springs those can be expanded and contracted vertically and individually. It can absorbs shock rised whatever landing on tough ground or meadow. This is one special and important feature of Alware 3-Axis Pro V2 Camera Mount and so Camera placed on the it can be effectively protected.

Alware 3-Axise 330/500X Pro V2 Camera Mount is made with lightest and strongest materials Aluminum alloy and Fiber Glasses. All parts are manufactured by precise CNC technology which can produce a higher quality product. With double ball bearings design for every movement joints, Alware 3-Axis Pro V2 Camera Mount will be one of the best and professional Camera Mount for Turbo Ace quads and octocopters. This Pro V2 Camera Mount is completely pre-assembled by professionals before releasing to the market so no worries about the installation issue and time.

Alware 3-Axis Camera Mount accepts Cameras/ DV Cameras up to the dimension of: 133*107mm(Wide*High), such as GoPro, 1080P HD Camcorder, Sony DCR-SX65 Camera, Sony AS3 etc.


(Compare to the first version, Pro V2 Camera Mount have the following upgrades and benefits:)

  • CNC main shaft metal mount is used in this Pro V2 Camera Mount.
  • Operate with CNC fiber glass unique gears for all axises which provide wider movement angles for Pro V2 Camera Mount.
  • Larger room to hold bigger professional cameras (max. size 133*107mm(wide*height).
  • Pan axis can be fixed is necessary especially for helicopters.
  • Comes with 2x Alware Wide Angle MD260 Metal Gear Digital Servos and 1x SAVOX MG Digital Servo.
  • With new, distinctive, professional, functional and underslung designed.
  • Steered by 2-3 channels to pan(optional), tilt and roll the camera with fiber glass precise gears and high tolerance metal shafts.
  • Controlled by 3x Alware MD260 Metal Digital Servo 260 Degrees which is a wide angle and powerful small size servo and is the best for camera mounts.
  • Double ball bearings design for every movement joints which provides precise movement for all axises.
  • Operate with unique fiber glass gears which highly increase the performance and movement angle of all axises.
  • 2D(X & Y Axises) Spirit Level included, easy to set the level point.
  • With Supper Elastic Landing Gear System, equipment can be protected effectively during landing processes.
  • Made of flash, light and strong fiber glass plates as well as CNC Aluminum Parts.
  • Manufacture by precise CNC technology.
  • Underslung mounting design which highly increase the stability of the aircraft in the sky due to lower CG position.
  • Relatively large room to mount varies cameras (Max. size 133*107mm(Wide*Height)).
  • Completely Pre-assembled, no worries about any of the installation issue.


  • Control Axises: 3 Axis Controllable Camera mount [Pan, Tilt, Roll]
  • Mounting: Bottom plate assemble method
  • Material: Flash, light and strong fiber glass plates, CNC fiber glass unique gears; CNC Aluminum
  • Rods; High quality Flange Bearings and Screws.
  • Bearing type: Flange bearings
  • Main Shaft Mount: CNC Metal Mount
  • Camera Mount Weight: ~430g (Including three metal gear digital servos)
  • Max. Height: ~231mm
  • Max. Length: ~276mm
  • Max. Wide: ~280mm
  • Dimension of portable camera: Max. 133*107mm(Wide*Height)
  • Payload Capacity: Up to 800g (But it is limited to the power of Aircraft)
  • Operate Servo size: Standard small size servos e.g. ALware MD260, Align DS410, SAVO SH-0261 etc.
  • Color: Black fiber plates; Silver anodize Aluminum parts.
  • Gyro Stabilization for Camera Mount: Build in Gimbal stabilize function of some GPS systems (e.g. GAUI GU-INS, DJI WooKong-M etc), FY-20A 3-axises Stabilizer etc.


  • 1x Turbo Ace shock mount for the X88
  • 1x Alware 3-Axis Pro V2 Camera Mount Kit (Pre-assembled)
  • 2x Alware MD260 Metal Gear Digital Servo 260 Degree (NEW! Operate with wider angle!)
  • 1x SAVOX MG Digital Servo
  • 1x RX801 receiver
  • 1x 800mAh battery for panning
  • 1x ESC BEC
  • Camera on photo is not included