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Eflite Blade CX2/CX3 & Esky Lama V4/V3 Double Brushless Turbo Ace Upgrade Kit: Plug-n-Play, Powerful BL Motors/ESCs/Converters & Detailed Instructions

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Price: $99.95
Sale Price: $69.97
Out of stock
Part Number: TTT-KT-CX2-CEMM (CEs+Motors+Manual)
Manufacturer: Turbo Ace
Manufacturer Part No: TTT-KT-CX2-CEMM
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The #1 selling Eflite Blade CX2 & CX3 & Esky Lama V3 & V4 Turbo Ace Brushless Conversion Kit with exceptional performance to boost power & flight time by 15-20%. Light Weight & Dual Bearing Outrunner BL Motors offers superb flight agility and durability.

We have developed one of the most reliable and convenient way to upgrade your Blade CX2/CX3/Lama V3/V4 co-axial helicopters to brushless while boosting torque and extending flight time. This kit is a specific combination of brushless motors, ESC and converters that work in concert to provide a smooth and seamless double brushless conversion.  Each kit is pretested as a complete set with the two converters (included), the two ESC (included) and the two brushless motors with brass pinions (included) all hooked up together in a chain with the receiver (not included) and the battery (not included). There are three indentical motor wires for each motor. By switching any 2 of the 3 wires connecting the ESC to the motor will reverse the direction of the motor so you will need to make sure both rotor blades are spinning in the correct direction before the initial test flight.  
Double Brushless Turbo Ace Upgrade Kit  is a plug and play brushless conversion kit for the Eflite Blade CX2 & Eflitee Blade CX3 and the Esky Lama V3 & Esky Lama V4.
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This is a newly triple tested true plug-n-play kit from the trusted US Brand Turbo Ace that can be installed in 15 minutes with absolutely no drilling or soldering.  Pre-installed pinions, fully compatible connectors, matching mounting holes with your CX2, CX3, Lama V3 & Lama V4 main frames and simple to follow instructions eliminate the time and pain of following threads to hunt down brushless components and instructions that may or may not work. The Turbo Ace Kit has integrated dual converters and ESCs to works with the existing stock 3in1 & Rx on your Eflite Blade CX2 or Blade CX3 (4in1 on your Esky Lama V3 or Lama V4) helicopter to enable simple gyro & ESC adjustments.  No more struggling to find a matching V-tail mixer and an expensive gyro which increases the all-in-weight and requires endless and tedious adjustments to both ESC end point and gyro.  As you can see from our video, the Turbo Ace conversion holds the tail rock solid with no twiching or degradation of performance over time. This brushless kit comes with a complete step by step installation manual backed by customer support in the USA and it's the only truly easy-to-install plug-n-play brushless upgrade for the Eflite Blade CX2 & CX3 and Esky Lama V3 & Lama V4 in the market as of June 2009.
Additional information.
The RPM is equal to the twin motors' 2900kv multiple by 7.4v (2s). There are lots of kits out there with the hair-pulling tasks of drilling holes to match the motors mounting holes plus pulling, pushing tight pinions on and off the motor shafts with special tools that damages the motors in the process and soldering loose wires that might come loose later.  Once you have completed these off-brand brushless conversion, they often chock on start-ups also referred to as cogging.  The only remedy to constant cogging is to "hand crank" the rotors and hoping that the blades won't slice off your fingers. With the Turbo Ace Brushless Kit, everything is customed tailored for plug-ins and pop-ins. The twin ESCs and the converters included in this kit are exceptionally smooth in starting the outrunner motors. The total weight saving is 31.7g so your Blade CX2 & Blade CX3 or Lama V3 & Lama V4 helicopter will be that much lighter than your original stock version. The payload increase has not be measured yet but it has at least 50% more power partly due to the lighter all-in-weight plus higher torque outrunner motors.  This kit uses the existing stock 3in1 or 4in1 mixer so it only works at 7.4v stock. There is no need to go to 3s because this brushless conversion is already pushing your CX rotor blades to the limit.
Turbo Ace Brushless Features:
1. Turbo Ace Brushless ESC eliminates overload 3-in-1 burn out problem on the Blade CX2 & CX3 and Lama V3 & V4 helicopters.
2. Turbo Brushless upgrade provides more torque and power to overcome windy conditions.
3. Lighter outrunner brushless motors reduce the helcopter's all-in weight (eg: CX3 from 226g to 194g) boosting power and agility.
4. Flight time is increased by 15% due to weight reduction.
5. Turbo Ace smooth-start motor technology ends hand cranking & coggings that's inherent in other conversion kits.
6. The dual bearings brushless motor life span (no brushes to wear out) is at least 100 times longer then a brush motor .
7. 8T brass pinions are pre-installed to mesh with main gear specifications so no more pain shopping, removing & installing pinions.
Brushless kit includes:
2 Brushless outrunner motors with 8 tooth pinions installed
2 Converters
1 Instruction manual
* All above parts comes with connectors installed and ready for the upgrade
TURBO ACE CX-LAMA-BL vs Stock Specifications:
Total kit weight: 34.5g including 2 BL motors, 2 ESC, 2 converters and complete wiring.
Total weight of the original 2 brush motors of the Eflite Blade CX2, CX3 is 66.2g
Total weight saving from stock to brushless system is 31.7g
Motors: Twin Brushless Outrunners with Dual Bearings
Rotation: 2900kv
Votage: 7.4v (runs with 2s stock)
Important note: JST battery connectors can often be plugged in reversed (jamed in the wrong way) even though the JST connectors are keyed. As a consequence you could end up with damaged ESC and battery. We highly recommend that you switch all JST connectors to the Micro Deans connectors which offer better connection and no polarity reverse problem. Go to
Important note: Please remember to route your wires (including the motor wires) away from the spinning drums of these powerful brushless outrunner motors so they don't get cut.
Eflite Blade CX2 & CX3 are registered trademarks of Horizon Hobby. Esky Lama V3 & Lama V4 are registered trademarks of Esky Corp.