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BLH3502-83 Ultimate Power Tail Upgrade Kit (Fits Stock MCPX/2 & MicroHeli Frame): XL Alum Boom, Alum Mount, Carbon Stand, 120SR Tail Motor, 70mm Rotor

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Price: $46.21
Out of stock
Part Number: WWW-MH-MCPX016XL+MH-120SR025+BLH3129+BLH3117
Manufacturer: WOW
Manufacturer Part No: WWW-MH-MCPX016XL+MH-120SR025+BLH3129+BLH3117
The Ultimate Power Tail Combo Kit: Alum Boom (145mm X 3mm diameter w/ 2mm connector), CNC Alum Mount, Carbon Stand, 120SR Tail Motor, 70mm 120SR Tail Rotor. We matched up all the parts in a combo kit. (Additional wiring, assembly & soldering is required.)

Almost all MCPX/2 main motor brushless upgrades involve higher head speed that creates more torque putting additional strain on the stock tail motor & rotor to keep up. Extending the length of the boom will only fix a fraction of this problem. The only comprehensive solution is to increase both the size of the tail motor and rotor. In addition to outstanding tail hold, this Ultimate Tail Combo Kit offers premium CNC aluminum motor mount, tail boom and carbon fiber vertical fin to straighten and strengthen tail alignment and durability. Because these parts fit together so perfectly, the aluminum and carbon integration will further compliment other upgrades on your MCPX/2 for overall visual impact. 

(1) Tail Motor: A more powerful 120SR tail motor (higher torque with extra durability)
(2) Tail Rotor: A longer and higher pitched 70mm length 120SR tail rotor to triple the rotation surface area (tested and preferred by many advanced pilots).
(3) Tail Boom: MicroHeli's extra long 145mm Aluminum Tail Boom System (Stock boom is only 125mm) so the main blades will not strike the longer 120SR tail rotor.  Thicker 3mm diameter boom for better durability with a detachable 2mm end-connector to fit the stock main frame.
(4) Tail Mount & Vertical Fin (Tail Stand): MicroHeli's CNC Aluminum 120SR Tail Motor Mount & a stiffer/stronger/taller Carbon Fiber Vertical Fin to prevent the longer tail rotors from hitting the ground on landings. You tail boom will now be parallel to the ground instead of slopping down towards the tail.

Note: This Ultimate Tail Combo Kit is a combination of 4 packs of parts from both E-flite and MicroHeli. There are some minor wiring, assembly and soldering required to complete the upgrade.

Note: You may need longer wires for the longer boom if you don't want to stretch the original wires. If you don't want to solder the tail motor wires to the boom wires you may want to add a connector to the boom wires (for ease of maintenance).