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Turbo Ace Battery Meter: 16C Measures 1-6 Cell Lipo, Measures 2.8V-25.2V For All RC Helicopters

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Retail: $11.95
Price: $6.95
Out of stock
Manufacturer: Turbo Ace
Manufacturer Part No: B100-11-9
Batteries on photo are not included. Photo shows how meter is connected to a one cell or multiple cell battery. Only one battery meter is included.
New improved version with 0.01v accuracy (higher accuracy than its previous version) and 22v capacity per cell verses 6.2v capacity per cell on the previous version. Now you can measure voltage from either the balancing or discharging leads of the battery.
Normally a battery meter only measures 2-6 cell, this one does 1-6 cell. It is a important to use a total battery monitoring device that checks your preflight voltage and prolongs your lipo battery lifespan by frequently checking its voltage effortlessly. Measures from 1cell-Walkera/Novus to 3 cell -Trex450 to 6 cell-Trex 600 helicopters. Single hand operation to test your battery instead of using a cumbersome voltage meter. Batteries can easily be shorted while using a standard voltage meter, the fixed leads of this meter prevents the battery from shorting. It will also be a good idea to purchase extra meters, one in each helicopter case and one on your work bench so it is always available to protect your valuable lipo investment.
How to use the meter.
This meter is designed to measure 1 to 6 cell lipo and other types of battery cell that is below 22v per cell per channel. The meter has 6 channels -one channel per cell and each channel can read up to 22v with auto circuit protection if it goes over. The meter can be connected to the balancing plug or the discharging plug of the battery to obtain a voltage reading. To measure the voltage the correct way, you should plug the meter into the balancing lead of the battery if you have a 5 or more cell battery so each cell can be measured separately to derive a total voltage up to 37.2v (6.2v x 6 cell). The meter will first give you a total voltage reading from all 6 channels combined then it will display each cell voltage individually. Example: on a fully charged 6 cell battery, it would display 25.2v total then followed by No 1 is 4.2v, No 2 is 4.2v, No 3 is 4.2v and so on.
Quick readout for total voltage then follow by displaying voltage of each cell on the LED screeen.
Reverse polarity protection
Weight: 5.7g
Voltage range 1-6 cell lipo with 6 channels
Voltage range per channel: 0 to 22 volt
Reverse polarity protection