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Programmable CB100 Turbo Double BL ARF:Metal Head,RX2605A,Turbo Ace 51416,BL 2.9g/Carbon Tail,3 Batteries,Extra Blades, Charger, No TX,

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Price: $299.95 Now Shipping
Out of stock
Part Number: WKR-HH-CB100-51416-2.9g-2605A+CHRG (No Tx)
Manufacturer: Walkera
Manufacturer Part No: WKR-HH-CB100-51416
This heli will work with WK2601, WK2602, WK2603 & WK2801 radio
Setup and tunning costs are included.
With the higher head speed and the programming functions of this upgraded heli, fine tunning, balancing and special setups are required and will be completed by our technician. Note that due to the sensitivity of the RX2605A build in gyro and the extra power of the Turbo Ace 51416 motor.
Price reflects and includes special handling of this helicopter. Includes QA and balancing-About 35% of the CB100 shipped from Walkera are off-balanced!. Wow Hobbies' technicians check and balance each rotor head with special tool before shipping it to you.
Some of the symptoms you may experience with off-balanced rotor head on the CB100 are:
1. Difficulty in controlling the helicopter even when the helicopter is designed with auto stabilizer.
2. Tail wag that can not be corrected by changing the gyro gain.
3. Shaking of the head assembly and the entire helicopter at high speed.
This a premium combo package includes 3 batteries and double CB100 brushless metal helicopter w/ Tubo Ace 51416 brushlees motor that is much more powerful and lighter than the Walkera standard brushless motor and 2.9g brushless tail motor with feather weight carbon tail stand/holder. RX2406C is replaced by the programmable RX2605A making this the only programmable CB100 heli, exclusively only from Wow Hobbies.

SALE !!! HM-CB100 double turbo BL metal helicopter with the latest RX2605A receiver. What is the difference between using RX2406C or RX2605A receiver? RX2406C is not programmable even thou the radio is, so travel/gyro/exponential/throttle curve adjustments are not possible. However, utilizing the programmable RX2605A receiver opens the door to all the programmable functions of the radio and gives the extra maneuverability in windy conditions. That is correct, the programmable RX2605A normally used on the 4G3 can now be installed on the CB100 heli. Compliment of the original creator Darryl Fujihara. The advantages of using the programmable RX2605A are as follow.
1. Complete authority/adjustment over servo travel.
2. Complete authority/adjustment over gyro gain.
3. Complete authority/adjustment over throttle/servo exponential.
Now your CB100 can cut through wind with extreme banking ability and full gyro/exponential/throttle controls. To top of all this off the package includes upgraded Turbo Ace 51416 BL motor which generates over 60% more lift capacity with an additional 35% more power over the Walkera stock BL motor making this the ultimate true out-door CB100, compliment of the original creator Darryl Fujihara who pioneered the idea of using the programmable RX2605A on the micro helis.
Note that 220 volt version of this combo is available, just order this item and email me after you've checked out so I can change the charger to 220V. The only difference between 110V and 220V versions is the charger.
Here are the reasons why Wow Hobbies is the best value for your helicopter(s) purchase.
1. All helicopters are tested at our warehouse in Shenzhen, China before air shipment to California USA. The factory QA transparent label outside the box is opened at this checkpoint.
2. All helicopters are re-tested at our warehouse in California. An actual hover test is performed, gyro is checked during flight in normal and stunt mode and a visual inspection of the helicopter is conducted. A green QA label is affixed at this checkpoint. Also a battery installation instruction that has been ignored by Walkera has been affixed to ensure a trouble-free setup.

3. Finally a no DOA (Dead on arrival) guarantee by Wow Hobbies which protects you from shipping damages.

1). Tail Brushless Speed controller
2). Main Brushless Speed controller
3). All-up Weight: 66g (Battery included)
4). Tail Rotor Diameter: 48 mm
5). Main Rotor Diameter: 202 mm
6). Overall Length: 216 mm
7). Tail Motor : 2.9g Brushless With Special Clamp Design
8). Main Motor : Turbo Ace 51416 with 16T pinion installed
9). Receiver: 4-in-1 RX2605A programmable
10). Gyro: Built-in
11). Battery: 3.7V 500mAh Li-Po
12). Transmitter: Not included
13). Wall Charger: Not included
14). Servo: WK-03- 2 weight 3.18g ; speed 0.12sec/60o(3.0~4.5V);torque ; dimension 19.2*8.3*19.7mm
15). Carbon tail stand and holder


1). Mini size and Fine appearance, striking personality.
2). CNC-cut rotor head features durability and stability.
3). New 2.4G technology with the functions of automatic identification, precise code pairing and strong anti-jamming
4). Twin brushless motors handling is both smooth and powerful and the flight time will be up to 9 to 10 minutes on a 3.7V 500mAh LiPo battery pack, depending on your flight mode.